Employee Spotlight - Alex Mamach

Meet Alex Mamach, Walker Sands’ jack of all trades and our MVP (as voted by his peers).  Alex’s journey at Walker Sands is unlike any other and he is a great representation of what it means to live our values on a daily basis.  To find out more about Alex's expereince at Walker Sands and what it's been like for him to transform within the agency check out his interview below. 

1. What is your role at Walker Sands? What does your day-to-day look like? 
I’m technically 75 percent an IT specialist, and 25 percent a content specialist. Every day I spend a couple hours fixing problems on the machines throughout the office. I’m also planning higher level strategy for things like software and apps. I find inefficient processes and find ways to speed those up.

2. How has Walker Sands changed since you first started at the company?
I started in June of 2013, and now it’s not even close to what it was. We were in this dank pulley factory on Jefferson in the West Loop. Then, the digital team was on a different floor and we never even interacted with them. Now, the biggest thing is it’s much more collaborative, much more organized, and more heavily integrated than it used to be. 

3. What do you like most about working at Walker Sands?
The flexibility. I started as a media relations specialist, moved over to content, and now I’m in IT. If I worked at any other agency, I would probably have to quit to move to a different role somewhere else. And this is common enough -- if there’s a new opening, a bunch of people will jump on it and it’ll become a new role.

4. What sets Walker Sands apart?
While I’ve never worked at another PR firm, I think the way our teams run sets us apart. Especially on my team, enterprise software and professional services, there’s a good balance between what’s expected, but we’re never micromanaged. If we don’t know how to do something, we try to figure it out. Mike said it best -- if we didn’t know how to do something in PR, we built it from the ground up. There are no rigid processes here. 

5. What excites you most about the next year at Walker Sands? The Next three years?
I’m most excited to start putting infrastructure in place. To say we’re competing with a firm like Edelman would have been a joke three years ago, but I think in three years it’ll be more of a possibility. A lot of agencies are caught in the past with technology, but we’re trying different things. We’re doing more even though we’re smaller.

6. What’s one of your favorite moments you’ve had with your coworkers?  
ESPS rented a pontoon boat -- which was a lot of fun -- and then spent hours just hanging out at a picnic table. Sometimes there’s a stigma that coworkers can’t be your friends but in reality, you hang out with them for eight hours a day. Why wouldn’t they be your friends? 

7. When did you realize you wanted to do IT? How did you explore that path? 
I started learning about it in high school via experimentation and cultivated an interested in it. Here, I offered to help out once and it evolved from there, including earning a handful of IT certifications. I started setting up people’s computers, and tech troubleshooting became more of a routine than an actual shift. 

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