Employee Spotlight - Courtney Beasley

Meet Courtney Beasley, Walker Sands' director of marketing.  Courtney joined Walker Sands back in 2012 and has helped build our marketing department from the ground up.

1. What is your role at Walker Sands? What does your day-to-day look like?
I am the Director of Marketing at Walker Sands, which means that I am responsible for creating demand and brand awareness for Walker Sands.  While I’m not technically client facing, I like to think of Walker Sands as my client.  That means that my day to day varies because I’m constantly working with different people throughout the organization, as well as working to manage our external promotions and sponsorships.  At any given time, we are running a variety of programs for our different practice areas, offices and service offerings, so no two days are alike. 
2. How has Walker Sands changed since you first started at the company?
While Walker Sands has changed a lot, at the same time it hasn’t (in a very good way!).  As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained the same personality as an agency, which is why I still feel at home here five years later.  We have changed in the sense that we’ve become a bigger organization and because of that we have turned a lot of our ideas into reality.   It’s been fascinating to see and be part of such healthy grown during my time here.
3. What do you like most about working at Walker Sands?
Something I value about Walker Sands is that they are willing to take chances on people.  They took a chance on me five years ago and I continue to see them doing that across the agency.  We work in a culture that empowers employees to grow and learn and take risks and I believe it’s something we’ve held on to as we’ve grown. 
4. What sets Walker Sands apart?
We’re futuristic and we are minimal. These two traits have always been an integral part of Walker Sands and have led to our continued success.  We are great at anticipating changes in the industry and prepare for and implement those changes internally to ensure our teams are successful.
5. What excites you most about the next year at Walker Sands?
Next year will be our first full year in San Francisco and I’m excited to see our relationships continue to grow and flourish in that market.  I also feel like every year I continue to grow and learn so much more about the digital marketing space.  And, next year is my five-year anniversary so I’m looking forward to my five-year trip!
6. What’s one of your favorite moments you’ve had with your coworkers? 
Every year I’ve helped plan our company holiday party and it’s become something that I take a lot of pride in and have so much fun doing.  It’s such a great feeling to see everyone come together and spend time celebrating another amazing year at Walker Sands.  It’s something I genuinely look forward to every year.
7. What fictional character do you aspire to be like and why?
It’s not even fictional, but I just want to be Beyonce.  She runs the world, girls.
8. What is one of your favorite spots to hang out at on the weekends?
The Basement is one of my favorite spots in Chicago, they have incredible live music and it’s got a very speakeasy and jazzy vibe.  I highly recommend everyone check it out!


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