Summer SEO Internship

Looking for Chicago SEO internships? Walker Sands Communications is looking for an energetic detail-oriented person to serve as a search engine optimization intern for a 12-week summer internship at its Chicago office.


Are you the kind of person who sees Google search results and wonders how they ended up that way? Are you curious about what companies can do to change and improve how they show up in search engines? Are you interested in learning how websites grow and improve by analyzing visitor patterns? Do you want to learn about the world of search and get a feel for the internet marketing industry? Walker Sands has an opportunity for you!

At Walker Sands, we take immense pride in our ability to help our clients grow their business through effective online marketing strategies.

As an SEO Intern, you will work with our senior consultants, content writers, developers, designers and marketing managers to define and implement SEO strategies for our various B2B and tech clients. Using Excel and other tools, you will measure, analyze, report and react to the performance of SEO campaigns. You will meet regularly with our client?s senior marketing and business executives to review results and determine how SEO best fits into their broader media strategies.

At the end of your internship, you will be able to add these bullet points to your resume:

  • Reported on current and historical SEO campaigns
  • Performed client specific keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Identified, recommend and implement on-page website SEO optimization
  • Identified configuration and duplicate content issues and recommend remedies
  • Performed Information Architecture and User Experience reviews
  • Created and optimized site maps
  • Conducted back link analysis, opportunity identification, solicitation and optimization

Experience Required

  • Moderate to advanced excel skills
  • Research skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Willingness to learn from an experienced team
  • A basic understanding of html is a plus
  • Experience with Google Analytics also a plus

Internship Details

  • This is a paid internship, 12 week internship 
  • All SEO internship candidate finalists must complete a writing test
  • Please be sure to include your GPA on your resume

How to Apply

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