Vice President, PR


Business is booming at Walker Sands and we need a talented executive to run our PR teams.

As a Vice President of Public Relations, you will run your own P&L and oversee multiple PR teams. Your inner entrepreneur will be loving life, as you mentor and grow this fast-growth business unit.

Not for the faint of heart, this position is responsible for all aspects of the PR business -- from supporting our business development team to attract and sign new clients to motivating and mentoring our PR teammates to getting incredible results for our clients.

The Nature of What We Do

Specializing in tech and B2B PR, our firm works with large Fortune 500 corporations, startups, fast-growing high-tech companies, professional service firms, business associations and nonprofits. The work ethic here is all about playing for high score and driving results that help our clients to be successful.

PR revenues are currently in the $2 million range with plans to add another zero in short order. To get from here to there, we need exceptional talent like you to join in the effort.

Do You Have the Super Powers We Are Looking For?

We know you are out there somewhere. You've got at least six years of hands-on marketing experience, with extensive exposure to the kind of PR we do here on behalf of our amazing clients. You've got entrepreneurial aptitude and drive. You get the importance of processes, structure and continuous improvement. When it comes to leadership, you take a second seat to nobody. Clients respect you for your wisdom and your no-nonsense approach to getting them great results.

In a pinch, you're more than happy to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself -- and it's damn good work. The people who work for you would follow you to the ends of the earth because you mentor them and create a work environment that is positive and fun.

Agency background is a plus, but we want people who have empathy for real-world business challenges. If throwing around marketing buzzwords is your idea of fun, stay away please. If pitching impractical big ideas that you love but that don't have a chance in hell of helping your clients to be successful is your idea of client service, please go apply with the competition. At the end of the day, much of business is common sense (e.g. buy low, sell high) -- we want people who get that and bring a practical approach to bear on their work.

Apply via the Green Room

If this challenge sounds right for you and you've got what it takes, we'd love to have you take the first step in our hiring process so that when the position does open up you'll be ready to go!   Please fill out our green room application below:

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