Green Room

How the Green Room Works

At Walker Sands, we’re constantly looking for top talent, and we work hard to get good people on our team. If you are interested in joining the Walker Sands PR or digital marketing team, let us know by submitting your credentials for a Green Room position. 

When you send us your resume, we will review it and if we think you are a fit for our firm, we may ask you to take a writing test. Next, we might grab lunch to get to know each other and if all goes well, we'll stay in touch until an open position in your area of specialization is available.

Is the Green Room Right for You?

We're looking for people who want to work with us at some point in the future. You may not be ready to make a move now, but down the road you might be interested in joining our team. Let's get the preliminary steps out of the way, so when you are ready to make a move, we'll already know that you would be a great colleague and a strong contributor.

Grab a Seat in the Green Room

Ready to take the next step? Start by exploring Green Room positions below that may open up in the near future:

Account DirectorFor the Account Director role, we're looking for people with 4 to 6 years of agency PR experience, preferably in the fields of technology and/or B2B.

Vice President of PR - Perfect for those who have at least six years of hands-on marketing experience, with extensive exposure to the kind of PR we do here on behalf of our amazing clients.


Interested in joining our team?

Careers at Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, our employees enjoy coming into the office each day. How do we know that? Because they tell us.

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